Our Policies

Refund Policy (Single Lesson & Packages)

We do not offer refunds for package lessons and road-test packages that has already been completed.

Advance payment is required with five percent tax in all types of packages and single lesson.

If you wish to discontinue the packages, twenty five percent of the prepaid amount may be return.

No refunds for single lesson that have been registered or confirmed, if cancelled by the student. It may be reschedule if the school has available spot within two days of cancellation.

If the student does not show up for the lesson, he/she will be required to pay the full amount of the session.

Single and package lessons, road test package including renounced or abandoned paid lessons are not transferable.

Above 10 packages or more will expire or must be finished within 90 days from the date of purchase or commencement of lesson. Below 10 packages will expire or must be finished within 30 days.

For safety reason the Instructor can stop the lesson at any given time due to student’s adverse or vicious behaviour, lesson or package payment is non refundable.

One hundred twenty dollars ($120) charge for re-scheduling confirmed lesson.

Late Cancellations (Only for Packages)

To avoid $100.00 late cancellation fee, twenty-four hours’ notice is required, it may be reschedule if the school has available spot within 2 days of cancellation.

Road-Test Booking

Students must give the school seventy two hours’ notice to cancel a road test booked by the school. Failure to do this may result in ICBC charging the student a $25 late cancellation fee.

If the student cancels the confirmed road-test schedule prepaid amount is automatically forfeited.

Standby road-test, student must pay the parking fee if applicable plus $53 per hour standby fee.

Covid-19: Facemask is recommended during the lesson and notify the school if any symptoms arises 24 hours prior to lesson, including travelling outside Canada.

Prices and policies can be changed without a prior notice.

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